TKU Junior and Youth Grades

5th Grade

In the 5th Grade wearing the official Three Kings United (TKU) playing kit is optional and players can wear whatever appropriate football apparel they like to the session.
They will however require good fitting football boots (with rubber studs or moulded soles) and shin pads, which are compulsory.

6th to 7th Grade

In the 6th and 7th Grade players are required to wear Three Kings United (TKU) playing shorts and socks. The official TKU playing shirt is optional, please wear a navy tee-shirt if you have one.  The club will provide bibs for players to wear during the game. Good fitting football boots (with rubber studs or moulded soles) and shin pads are compulsory.

8th to 17th Grade

In the 7th – 17th Grade Junior and Youth players are required to wear the official Three Kings United (TKU) playing kit which includes TKU club shirt, TKU club shorts and TKU club socks. Good fitting football boots (with rubber studs or moulded soles) and shin pads are compulsory.

Senior Grades

The Senior Men and Women’s teams are required to purchase the official Three Kings United (TKU) playing kit to wear on game day.  The kit consists of the TKU club shirt, club shorts and club socks.

Shirts, shorts & socks are available by individual purchase at registration.

AUFC Youth Teams

If you are selected for one of the top 2 teams in the 9-17th grade and playing in a Metro, Conference or Premier team you will be required to purchase a AUFC uniform.  Details of this uniform to be announced shortly. 

Please do not purchase a Three Kings uniform if you intend trialing for a top team.  Wait until the teams have been announced and you are certain which uniform you will wear in 2020.

Playing Kit and Merchandise Catalogue

To view the range of TKU playing gear and merchandise available, CLICK HERE.


Three Kings United playing shirts, shorts, socks and other merchandise items can be purchased online via ClubHub and couriered directly to your home (there is a delivery fee of $5.75 per order).

Shirts, shorts & socks can also be purchased from the TKU club rooms on Saturday mornings once the season is underway.

Online Purchasing Process

To order merchandise online via ClubHub, click the Member Login Quick Link and log in using your username and password (this information would have been sent to you by email directly after you registered).
Once logged into ClubHub, click “Tasks” and then “Purchases”.
From the Merchandise page select what you require, including the quantity and the size.
If you want the order delivered to a different address to the one you provided when registering, please change the address details that are at the bottom of the page.
If a size is unavailable this either means KAPPA do not make the item in this size or it has sold out.
Gear orders must be paid for before they are processed and can take 1-2 weeks to be delivered.
Items are sent out via Courier directly from our supplier.

Online Purchasing Returns Process

If you would like to change the size of an item you have purchased, this is the process.

  1. Fold the appropriate item and replace into the same packaging it came in, with tags on
  2. Fill out the bottom part of this page and cut it off
  3. Courier it back to Kappa New Zealand

The KAPPA return form is available CLICK HERE

Follow the return instructions printed on the form and please DO NOT return the item to KAPPA in person.