Summer7s is brought to you by Three Kings United and held at Keith Hay Park.
Matches will be played on Tuesday nights, starting on Tuesday 15th October with the event lasting 8 weeks and finishing Tuesday 10th December 2019.
Matches will start at 4:30 pm with the last kick off time being 6:00 pm.

If you have any questions, please read the FAQ’s below first, as these will provide the answers to most, if not all, questions.

Summer Football Coordinator – Nick Smallwood

Team Organisers need to make sure the entire team entry fee is paid and the names of at least 7 players (up to 15 players) MUST be registered by the Team Organiser to be included in the draw.
Cost for all teams registering is $350 per team.
You can pay your teams registration fees by Credit Card on-line via the registration system or by internet banking direct to our bank account.

We will be accepting Team Registrations ONLY, but please read the FAQs below if you want to play but can’t organise a team.

Teams who are looking for players can view the list of players looking for teams via the Noticeboard, available by logging onto ClubHub and clicking Tasks – Manage Noticeboard – Display Notices.
You may also need to click MORE to display all notices.

Teams will play 1×40 minute game each week (19 minutes each way with a one minute half time break), there will be referees for every game and all the matches will be played at Keith Hay Park.

There will be Junior, Youth and Senior Leagues and we will endeavour to run girls only divisions if we have sufficient teams in each grade, otherwise girls will play in mixed grades.

Matches will be played on week nights, and matches will start at 4:30 pm with the last kick off time being no later than 7:30 pm.

The times of the matches are yet to be determined.

The summer football league is run in a non-competitive format and therefore there will be no ‘finals’ or grade winners.
Scores will be taken in the first few rounds to as teams maybe moved up or down a grade to try to ensure even and balanced games.
No results or tables will be posted.

Tuesday 10 December 2019  


Round Field Time Home Team Score Away Team Score Ball Referee
8 7a 4:45 Strikers vs TKU Tigers 4 Isla
8 7b 4:45 Supersonic 8 vs T Rex 4 Marcella
8 4a 4:45 Black Panthers vs Panthers 4 Khushboo
8 4b 4:45 All Stars Seven vs Blue Flamingos 4 Hugo
8 1b 4:45 Ninjas vs Magpies 3 Mohine
8 1b 4:45 Magpies vs Ninjas 3 Bruce


Round Field Time Home Team Score Away Team Score Ball Referee
8 7a 5:30 TKU Wolves vs The Lads 4 Isla
8 7b 5:30 Raptors (5:30) vs Mini Messi 4 Hayden
8 4a 5:30 The Avengers / Lady Bugs vs The Soccer Dogs 4 Kyle
8 4b 5:30 Summer Swift vs Wildcats 4 Hugo
8 1b (goals) 5:30 Balmoral Bullets vs Pink Panthers 4 Khushboo


Round Field Time Home Team Score Away Team Score Ball Referee
8 7a 6:15 Hammerhead vs Lady Bugs 5 Isla
8 7b (goals) 6:15 The Falcao vs No Sweat 5 Hayden
8 4a 6:15 The Avengers vs The AV Lads 5 Marcella
8 4b 6:15 Breathers VII vs Hot Shotz (5:30?) 5 Kyle


Round Field Time Home Team Score Away Team Score Ball Referee
8 7a (goals) 7:00 Roskill United vs 1997 Honda Civic 5 Hayden
8 4a (goals) 7:00 Buzzybzz vs Rinston Weids 7 5 Marcella
8 4b (goals) 7:00 Spermwhales vs Docking Buddies FC 5 Kyle



The rules for the Summer 7-a-side Football will be found by clicking HERE.

Please read these carefully as there are some differences to what you may be used to

A map of the Pitch Layout will be found by clicking HERE.

Q.  Do I register individually or do we need to register as a team?
A.  Registrations are not accepted from individual players. Contact your “Team Organiser” (see below) so he/she can register a team.

Q.  How many players do I need to enter a team?
A.  All games (except 7th grade which will be 5-a-side) are 7-a-side. Up to 12 players may be used in any one game. A maximum of 15 players may be registered for a team per season.

Q.  Can I register a team of both boys and girls?
A.  Mixed teams are welcome. All girls playing in the mixed junior & youth grades are automatically able to play one grade below their age.

Q.  Who can be my “Team Organiser”?
A.  The “Team Organiser” is the key contact point for the team. He or she is responsible for registering the team, registering the players and arranging payment of the entry fee. All communications re team matters will be to the Team Organiser. For Junior and Youth teams we recommend an interested parent/guardian or coach to become the team organiser.

Q.  What if I want to play but can’t organise a team?
A.  Send us your details (name, year of birth and a contact email address or telephone number) and we will add you to our “Noticeboard” section of the registration website. Other teams looking for players will then be able to contact you.

Q.  Can both male and female players be registered?
A.  Yes. Female players are deemed to be one year younger than their actual age for the purposes of establishing their correct grade.

Q.  Can the Team Organiser be a player in the team?
A.  Yes. The team organiser may or may not be a player in the team.

Q.  What information will the Team Organiser need to register a team?
A.  A Team Organiser will need the name of the team, the names, email addresses and a contact telephone number for each player to be registered in the team.

Q.  What is the deadline for registering a team?
A.  The registration deadline will be midday Sunday 15th October 2017. Please be aware that the competition may fill up before this date. In that case registrations will close when we reach the maximum number of teams that we can take in each grade.

Q.  How does the registration system work?
A.  All teams are registered online. The Team Organiser registers himself (with the team name) first. Once he or she has received her username and password by email the team organiser then logs in to the system to register the individual players.

Q.  Where does the Team Organiser go to register?
A.  From the REGISTRATION Quick Link, select the “Register Team” option from the registration website.

Q.  Do I need to pay when I register a team?
A.  Team Organisers need to make sure the entire team entry fee is paid by midday Sunday 15th October 2017.

Q.  How do I pay my teams registration fees?
A.  You can pay your team’s registration fees on-line via the registration system or by internet banking direct to our bank account.

Q.  How do the grades work?
A. Junior & youth Grades operate as they do for winter 11-a-side football. As an example, players born in 2007 will be 10th grade, players born in 2006 will be in 11th grade and so on. Players born in 2001 or earlier are encouraged to play in senior grade.

Q.  Can I have any overage players in my team?
A.  All players must play in the respective age groups. No overage players will be allowed unless cleared by the competition manager.

Q.  Can I have younger players in my team?
A.  Yes, in all Junior and Youth grades players may play up one grade but no more unless parental consent is received and approved by the league manager in writing.

Q.  How does the Team Organiser add/change/delete players from the team?
A.  Once a Team organiser has registered and received his username and password he/she can login to the system. Simply select the [login] option from the website and then using the Tasks –> Manage Team –> Add New Player option, you add the basic details of your players there.

Q.  How long has the Team Organiser got to enter all his players into the database?
A.  At least 7 team members must be registered in the system by midday Sunday 15th October 2017.

Q.  Can the Team Organiser change the name of a team?
A.  Yes, providing no other team is using the same (or similar name) – Just email us with details of your current team name and the new one you wish to use.

Q.  How can I check that I have correctly registered my team?
A.  You will receive confirmation via an email.

Team Details

Q.  How many players can be used in one game?
A.  12 players may be used in any one game, 7 on the pitch at any one time (one of whom is to be designated as the goalkeeper and wearing a distinctly coloured shirt) and 5 rolling substitutes.

Q.  Can we use more than 12 players during the season?
A.  Yes, you may register a maximum of 15 players.

Q.  Can I play a player who is not registered on my team list?
A.  No.

Equipment Details

Q.  Does my team need a kit?
A.  Yes. All the field players need to wear the same colour tops. If two teams have the same colour tops we will supply bibs, but these will need to be collected from the TKU clubrooms by the 'away' team before the game kicks off and they will need to be returned imediatley after the game.

Q.  Does the goalkeeper need to wear a different colour top?
A.  Yes. A bib will be provided if there is a colour clash with the opposition field players.

Q.  What foot wear can be worn?
A.  As this competition takes place on a grass field we recommend that you wear football boots. Moulded studs are often best this time of the year as the ground can be a little firm.

Q.  What other safety equipment do I need to wear?
A.  It is compulsory that every player wears shin pads and long socks. Three Kings United will take no responsibility for any injuries sustained.

Q.  Am I allowed to wear any form of jewellery?
A.  No jewellery is to be worn.

Q.  Who supplies the match ball?
A.  We will supply all the necessary equipment.

Match Details

Q.  What rules and regulations govern the Competition?
A.  All matches should be played with enjoyment, participation and respect for all as the key objectives. A detailed set of rules will be available shortly on our website.

Q.  How long does each season last?
A.  The season will last 8 weeks. In 2017 the season will start on Wednesday 25th October and finish on Wednesday 13th December.

Q.  How many teams in each division?
A.  Generally there are 8 - 10 teams in each division. However, this may vary depending on registrations.

Q.  How long are the games?
A.  Each game is 40 Minutes.

Q.  What time will my matches start?
A.  Kick off times for the leagues will vary from week to week.

Q.  How can I find out when my matches are scheduled to start?
A.  All draws will be published on the competitions website

Q.  Will our game be cancelled if it rains?
A.  Probably not, but the grounds closures will be governed by the Council. Although in Spring it is unlikely that we will need to cancel any games due to bad weather.

Q.  How will I find out if my match is cancelled?
A.  In the unlikely event that matches have to be cancelled we will contact the team organisers by email and/or via the TKU Club App.

Q.  What happens if the opposition team does not turn up?
A.  Should a team fail to turn up, or not be ready to start (i.e. with the minimum permitted number of 5 players) within 7 minutes of the scheduled start time they will forfeit the game.

Q.  Will there be official referees?
A.  Yes, a referee will be supplied for all games.

Q.  Will cautions and/or red cards be issued?
A.  Yes, if necessary. Please see our rules for a full breakdown of the disciplinary procedure

Other Details

Q.  Are there changing facilities?
A.  Yes, there are changing facilities for both men and women.

Q.  Will there be refreshments available?
A.  There is a licensed bar on site. These facilities will be open for use during the scheduled playing times for all league matches.