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About this event:

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Whereas the CBR Course is designed to give a brief introduction to the Laws of the Game for those who are looking to assist their clubs and teams by refereeing matches if and when they are needed, the Level 1 course is the next level up from the CBR course and is essentially “Refereeing 101.”
It aims to introduce participants to refereeing and prepare them for their first games as an officially accredited referee.
As such it is not an exhaustive exploration of the Laws of the Game.
Participants cover the basic Laws of the Game in the Preparation Module.
The answers to this are revised during this course in the first three sessions accompanied by the relevant FIFA DVD – ‘The Laws of the Game’.

The Level 1 Course for Referees is designed for those who wish to:
– Understand more about Association Football
– Learn how to referee football
– Be better informed about the Laws of the Game and their application

This course covers the following topics:
– Preparation
– Gear
– Communication
– Management
– Mechanics – basic whistle, signals, movement, positioning
– Decision-making
– Reading Challenges
– The Assistant Referee
– Law 4 [The Players’ Equipment]
– Law 11 [Offside]
– Law 12 [Fouls and Misconduct]

Wednesday 7th, Monday 12th, Wednesday 14th, Monday 19th, Wednesday 21st June 2017 from 6.30pm to max 9.30pm

TKU Clubrooms [one of the nights will require participants to go outside onto a pitch for approx. 2.5 hours]

The course cost per person is $100-00 (inc. GST)

There is pre-course work to be completed by each attendee and AFF will send a Laws of the Game book and the pre-course work.