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Three Kings United Academy runs a number of weekly sessions during each of the four school terms and school holiday programmes.

With robust a curriculum for each programme, plus oversight, management and delivery from the Director of Football, Paul Bateson, the programme promises to deliver high quality sessions for players to excel in.

Fun Football Centre

The TKU Fun Football Centre is for boys and girls that love the game and want to play more often so they can improve their ball mastery and skill acquisition.

Boys and girls joining this programme will be taken through the New Zealand Football Junior Framework curriculum with an emphasis on developing competencies in striking the ball (passing, shooting etc), 1v1, receiving the ball, travelling with the ball (running and dribbling) plus 1v1 defending.
For more information about our Fun Football Centre programme, please click HERE

Skills Centre

The TKU Skills Centre provide an aligned, co-ordinated approach to junior footballers, aged 9-12 years, wishing to access a higher level of provision.

Its main aim is to provide a structured programme for players, in an enjoyable environment that maximises player development.

It is highly likely that the game in the future will be quicker, more technical and tactical, and the demands on our younger players will be elevated.

Through a planned, consistent approach to training, based around principles of Long Term Player Development, TKU Skills Centre will provide a perfect start for players wishing to reach the highest level.

Players taking part in the Skill Centre will follow the recently launched Skills Centre curriculum, designed by NZ Football, focusing on striking the ball (passing, shooting etc), 1v1, receiving the ball, travelling with the ball (running and dribbling) plus 1v1 defending.

At this programme, players will need to be highly motivated and dedicated to football and want to learn and practice to a high level.

For more information about our Skills Centre programme, please click HERE

Goalkeeping Academy

Three Kings United will continue to offer specialised goalkeeper training for boys and girls.
Ian is currently Premier Men’s 1st team men’s Goalkeeping coach at TKU and has worked with the AFF FTC Goalkeeping academy so brings a wealth of experience to the academy programme.
For more information about our Goalkeeping Academy programme, please click HERE

Holiday Programmes

For more information about our Holiday programmes, please click HERE

The aim of the TKU Academy is to develop player’s ability as an individual and part of a structured team.
Players will develop their all round game following the multi-focus approach adopted by our Academy.

Within this model players will develop in four key areas:

  • Technically – Improved ability to perform skills with control and poise
  • Tactically – Improved understanding of the game and the decisions they make within it
  • Physically – Improve players ability to move with control, focussing on better balance, agility and coordination
  • Socially & Emotionally – Improve players values and approach towards sport and challenges

The TKU Academy takes place at Keith Hay Park (the home of Three Kings United) on training pitches 2 and 3 located in front of the existing clubhouse, with the exception of the Goalkeeper specific training.
Training groups are formed based on player ages and these teams will have a maximum age band of two years, to ensure that coaching is specific and relevant to each and every child that takes part.

If your child is just starting out in football, could benefit from additional training or is looking to take their existing game to the next level, come and join our Academy.

All TKU Academy coaches abide by the clubs strict safeguarding policies to ensure a safe environment is always provided.
Each session is devised to be as innovative and specific to the children’s needs as possible.

Coaches follow the Curriculum devised by our Director of Football which is designed to highlight areas such as ball mastery and every session, regardless of its focus, is shaped on the principles of enjoyment and the progression of the individual player.

Our coaches come from a variety of backgrounds, bringing a large amount of experience to the programme with many of them delivering quality coaching in other areas of the club.

At Three Kings United Academy, we want your child to get the most out their experience with us.

We strongly recommend that your child brings the following items to all sessions, including the holiday programmes.

If your child arrives at the session without the compulsory items (marked *) we regret that they will not be permitted to take part and full payment will still be taken.

Appropriate Footwear*

We recommend good fitting football boots (with rubber studs or moulds).

Shin Pads *

Shin pads are compulsory for each child. Without shin pads, your child will not be able to take part.


We cannot guarantee regular access to water, therefore it is important to ensure that your child stays well hydrated by providing plenty of water for the session.

Goalkeepers Gloves

If your child is a goalkeeper, or is booked on to a goalkeeping course, then it is compulsory to bring goalkeeping gloves. We will not be able to provide these at our courses.

Holiday Programmes

If you are attending one of our holiday programmes, we also strongly recommend you also bring the following:

Packed Lunch

A healthy lunch is important for your child to maintain good energy levels. All groups in the holiday programme will break for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

Sun Cream

We recommend that you provide your child with sun cream, as participants may be outside each day.

Change of Clothes.

We recommend that you also pack a change of clothes, a rain jacket and a towel.


In order to maintain our high standards of service, we welcome your feedback.
If there are any issues that arise from your booking or experience with Three Kings United Academy, or if you feel there is any area in which we can improve our service, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
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