About The Club

Three Kings United is a long established, high-profile, successful and respected club which provides the opportunity for children and adults from all around the Auckland area to participate in Football within a supportive environment, for its members to develop and mature as players, coaches, administrators and supporters, and to promote  an unrivalled understanding and enjoyment of the game.

The club prides itself on being a “league leader” in the football community, with a reputation for excellent player and coach development and effective club administration.

Our Club’s Philosophy

Three Kings United nurtures and educates members, players and supporters to always respect coaches, officials, opposing teams and their supporters, and especially the referees.

It encourages the game to be played in the highest sporting manner, on and off the field.

However, we do not support a ‘win at all costs’ philosophy – participation, learning and enjoyment of the game are priorities and players are supported, encouraged and developed both within football and socially.

Players want to join Three Kings United Football Club in preference to other clubs and parents will want their children to play for the club because we are a community club, renowned for a competitive edge, we value new and existing members help and respect each other.

Every player, member, parent feels that Three Kings United Football Club is their club.

Player Pathway

The Three Kings United player pathway is always under constant review and development so that we are best suited to provide a structured enough system to cater for our Junior, Youth and Senior ‘elite’ talent as well as those players who just want to have fun with their friends.
The club has a number of different options to help players develop, grow their skills and knowledge and these include the Academy and School Holiday Programmes.

To visit our Player Pathway page, click HERE


Three Kings United is working to provide the best coaching standards it can to it’s players and strengthen it’s club-based coaching pool with those coaches who understand the club’s philosophy and it’s direction.
As well as it’s players, the club’s coaches need to helped and educated in order that they might best help the players in their care.
We have a large pool of volunteer coaches and these coaches are supported to create and maintain a positive learning environment during training and games, demonstrated by an educational focus, calm player instruction and an emphasis on participation.

Success will be measured through resulting improvements in football performance, not just game outcomes.

We value:

  • Respect for team mates, opposition players, coaches and officials
  • Fair Play according to the rules and spirit of sportsmanship
  • Education for coaches, players and administrators in a supportive team environment
  • A culture of mature, responsible behaviour at all levels