Junior and Internal Youth Kick Off – Saturday May 4

Saturday May 4  marks the start of the Junior and Internal Youth Season. All games are on.

If you have not registered, you can still do so, either online here or at the Clubhouse Saturday morning.

If you have not picked up your team bag, please do so from the clubhouse.

KAPPA NZ will be at the Club-rooms this Saturday between 8 – 10am with a selection of boots, shin-pads, footballs, hoodies, spray jackets & training tees available for sale. The club will also have the Three Kings shirt, shorts & socks available for purchase.

Weekly draws for juniors will be posted here and internal youth here by the Friday prior to each Saturday’s game. The draw will include the time, the pitch number and which team you are playing against. The draw will also be posted outside the club-rooms and pitch layouts will also be available.

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