Perseverance funds a tertiary education in sports for a TKU Member

Jacob Holmes started playing for TKU as a 5-year old, forming great friendships and progressing through the junior and youth grades. To improve his fitness, Jacob started running with a group from his TKU football team. The Cornwall Park training sessions (with Auckland City Athletics) on Tuesdays and Thursdays through winter, always featured a core of TKU players. This lead to Jacob also competing in winter cross country club events, often after a football game and track events in the summer months.

Fast forward a few seasons and Jacob was balancing a hectic football and running schedule.  This included 20 km training runs in the Waitakere’s Ranges on Sunday mornings and 90-minute Metro grade games in the afternoon.  It was a tough ask, something had to give and unfortunately it was football. However, after many years of hard work, thousands of miles, theusual ups and downs,and some good results,Jacob was offered an athletics scholarship to Florida State University. Jacob left NZ a couple of weeks ago to start Summer School -the friendships he has formed through his years at TKU are ongoing.  In fact old team mates hear more from him than his parents, as they are always just a Snapchat away.

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