TKU Fixtures weekend of 2nd & 3rd June

PLEASE NOTE: Youth teams that are playing south side will have to move the goals into place and then put them away when they are finished. There are no internal 10/11 games being played so the matches on 17, 19, 20, 21 & 22 at 10am are the only matches being played there on Saturday.

There may be a few other late changes this weekend so it pays to ALWAYS check the TKU and AFF website on Friday night and Saturday morning.  

Please send the results of this weekend’s game to your grade coordinator asap after your game. They will collate the grades results and forward them on for processing.

You have been emailed link to a sheet in ClubHub to get results recorded and agreed with the opposition following the game, we strongly recommend you do this.

To view, print and download this document as well as the pitch layout instructions and other useful documents, Team Managers, Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Grade Coordinatorscan log into ClubHub and then select TASKS -> DOCUMENTS from the menu.

An email was also sent showing which teams need to set the fields up or put the nets and flags away after your game.  Please ensure you check though this if you are playing at home and know what to do.

Teams highlighted in red will need to collect the wheelie bin and set up the nets tomorrow

Teams in green will need to pack up the field and return the wheelie bin to the lockup areas.

If you are in red and green – you need to set up and pack down.

Please make sure you only take the wheelie bin marked for your field and return it to the appropriate place.

Seymour Park; Bins are left beside the Seymour Park facilities block.
Pollard Park: Bins are left beside the facility block
Keith Hay Park: Beside the clubrooms.

Those 10th, 11th and 12th grade teams on set up on KHP 2, 3, 10 and 13 will need to take the goals out to the pitches they are playing on and bring them back when they are finished.


Three Kings Reserve: Bins are left in front of the Facilities block at Three Kings Reserve No 1 field


If you are listed to play on Three Kings Reserve #2 (Quarry ground). The bins with nets and flags will be left outside the toilet block as usual. Teams setting up and breaking down will need to take the bin to and from the toilet block.

NB: if playing at the quarry site there are no toilet facilities down by the fields.




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