Defibrillator Now At Clubhouse

NZ Football has donated a defibrillator to our club.

The ‘Smart Start – AED in Clubs Programme’, was launched last year by NZ Football, with the support of ACC SportSmart and F-Marc.

“New Zealand Football has a vision for all football clubs throughout NZ to have an AED,” said Megan Crockett, the NZ Football National Injury Prevention Manager.

“We are excited to announce our Smart Start – AEDs in Clubs Programme which is the first step of building safer communities who are prepared to deal with sudden cardiac arrest both with AEDs and the education to take action.”

Dr Mark Fulcher, the Medical Director at New Zealand Football, believes the programme is a great step towards building safer communities and encouraged all football clubs to make the investment.

“It is vital that every football club in New Zealand has a defibrillator and an action plan and it is up to football clubs to make this a priority,” said Dr Fulcher.

The new defibrillator will be mounted on the wall just inside the club’s door.

For more information about the programme, watch this video here

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