Spotlight On Three Kings United

Club development is coming together nicely at Three Kings United with the Central Auckland club becoming the latest AFF member to achieve the New Zealand Football Quality Club Mark (QCM) One Star status.
By achieving this award Three Kings have demonstrated both a desire and capability to achieve standards of best practice both on and off the field.
On the field Three Kings are aligned to the Whole of Football Plan including a community focus with the running of football and futsal in school’s sessions.

“With the catchment we have it is really important we are seen and visible for our local schools,” Three Kings’ Director of Football Paul Bateson said.
“It gives us an opportunity to entice kids to the game who otherwise might not get those opportunities.
“Also, it is a way for us to give back to the schools with some of our specialist football coaches.”

The development in the junior space at the club is gathering pace with the implementation of Skill Centres in both the male and female side of the game.
“The Skills Centre are core to the development pathway at the club,” Bateson said.
“We’ve made it very affordable so cost isn’t a barrier and It’s not an exclusive programme so we encourage all players that are keen to attend to do so.
“We are really seeing the benefits of the people engaging with it and the uptake and feedback from parents and players has been very pleasing so far.

Bateson’s involvement with Three Kings started at the beginning of this season, having previously been involved at Christchurch based club Coastal Spirit in a similar role.
His focus has not solely been player based, he has had a hand in developing the next crop of coaches within the club as a qualified New Zealand Football educator delivering in house education.
Bateson believes there are many benefits this opportunity brings himself and the club.
“It gives me the visibility to get in front of the coaches; with the number of coaches and teams we have it is very hard for me to get around to all the games over the course of the season.
“Most importantly, it gives coaches who are 99% volunteers the opportunity to get some extra tools that they can take back to their teams.”

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