Fit4Football And The FIFA 11+

Want to help make your players become more agile, balanced, coordinated and immune from injury in later life?

Fit4football is an injury prevention and performance enhancing programme developed by NZ Football in partnership with ACC, that aims to help our players stay injury free and play to the best of their ability.
The core part of the Fit4Football programme is the 11+ Warm Up.
The Fit4Football programme is a comprehensive enhancing performance and injury prevention programme that provides the football community with information not just on warming up, but on nutrition and hydration, how to cool down, injury management, returning to training and play following an injury, and the right gear to be wearing, all specific to football.

FIFA 11+ Kids

New Zealand Football and Fit4Football have just launched a new FIFA 11+ programme especially for kids, and Three Kings United are very pleased to be hosting injury prevention specialist David Rayner on Saturday 17th June at Keith Hay Park who will be presenting and demonstrating the FIFA 11+ Kids programme.

– Presentation time 1: 9: 30am to 10:20 am
– Presentation time 2: 10:30 to 11:20 am
– Presentation time 3: 11:30 to 12:20 am

You can drop into any of the sessions that suit you, sessions will last for approximately 45 -50 mins and we strongly urge coaches of all teams under the age of 12 to attend to help make our TKU players better athletes.

FIFA 11+ Youth and Senior

A FIFA 11+ Youth and Senior course will run on Monday 12th June from 6:30 pm at Keith Hay Park.

Please RSVP to the Director of Football if you would like to attend the Youth and Senior course, by clicking HERE.

Those that attend will be certified in the programmes.

To view the fit4football website and videos of the programmes, please click HERE.