DELAY to the Start of Junior Season

The scheduled start date for all Juniors was to be Saturday 1st April.
The first day of the Junior season will now be Saturday 6th May.

As you may be aware Auckland Council began ground renewal work on the far northern side of Keith Hay Park in September 2016.
These grounds were due to be open in time for the 2017 football season.
Unfortunately delays to the project has meant a delay to the opening of theses grounds.

Following extensive discussions between the Club, the Council and AFF (who have a right to use the grounds for external football competitions), restrictions have been imposed on the use of Keith Hay Park for the initial part of the season.
This will not be a complete closure of the grounds but instead a restriction.

Unfortunately this restriction will result in a delay for the commencement of the 2017 Junior season.
The first day of the Junior season will now be Saturday 6th May.

The delayed start means that Juniors will not play on 1st and 8th April, but will commence after the Easter and School holiday break.

This issue has been considered and discussed at length by the Junior Committee and the Club Executive.
Central to these discussions has been the overriding need to ensure that the delayed start does not reduce the number of playing days that are available to our Juniors.
The Executive and Junior Committee have also been cognisant of the need for this information to be disseminated to all affected parents as soon as we knew about the delayed start.

To ensure that there is no loss in the overall number of playing days, it has been decided that Juniors will play on the first weekend of the July School Holidays (Saturday 8th July) and the last day of the season will be Saturday 23rd September.
This will ensure that we make up the two days lost at the start of the season.

We will be holding a Junior Fun Day on Saturday 8th April, from 9 am to 12 pm.