Club Stalwart Calls Full Time

After 10 years on the Executive Committee, Jim Puketapu has stepped down from his role looking after Women’s football at Three Kings United.
He commenced TKU as junior girl’s coordinator in 2004 subsequently becoming Junior Chairman (and Executive member) in 2006.
His passion and drive to support girls and women’s football came through initially coaching his daughter, Martine at 6th grade level.
Jim says “we entered a new era for our junior girls. With the vision for growing girl’s football driven by Selwyn Bradley, I volunteered to support this vision and voice in becoming a representative for the girls on the Junior Committee”.
In 2007, Jim moved into the youth section of our club becoming girl’s coordinator for the 10th – 17th grades, managing trials, selections, talent centre development and, junior and youth girls pathways.
It is fair to say that his role back then was an unenviable task across all the girls youth teams which Jim found both challenging and lots of fun.
To put that into perspective, there are now six volunteer parents that coordinate the respective 10th – 17th girl’s grades.

TKU’s Premier Women’s team is among one of the flagship squads for Women’s football nationally.
It wasn’t a surprise that Jim would follow Martine into the senior section, and manage the Senior Women’s grades.
TKU has developed the football careers of so many NZ Football Ferns, and it is through the energies of volunteers like Jim that TKU continue to be strong in Women’s football.
Jim, on behalf of Three Kings United, we thank you for your commitment to the club, and we look forward to seeing you on the side-lines and in the clubrooms.

Andrew Lawson has been appointed to the Executive Committee to succeed Jim.

Murray Holdaway