18th Annual 9th Grade Invitational Tournament 2017

Welcome to the 18th Annual 9th Grade National Tournaments at Keith Hay Park held on Saturday 30th September, Sunday 1st and Monday 2nd October 2017.

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Three Kings United gives a warm welcome to all the teams participating in the tournament, and especially those from outside the Auckland area.
Thank you all for making the journey to the tournament.

The tournament is organised in two parts:
Rounds of pool play for teams over days 1 and 2 (3 games per day) plus a play-offs round of Quarter-finals, Semi-finals and Finals on day 3.
The Play-offs round will involve all teams and will be a knock-out format to find the winning teams.

Please note: due to the large number of entries in the Girls section this year, the girls will play a round robin (with each team playing every other team) with 3 games per day.

Thank you to Mercury for the supplying the Marquee

Previous Winners

Boys (Mixed) Section

2000 – Bay Olympic ; 2001 – Central United ; 2002 – Three Kings United ; 2003 – Papakura City ; 2004 – East Coast Bays ; 2005 – Three Kings United ; 2006 – East Coast Bays ; 2007 – Three Kings United ; 2008 – Wynners ; 2009 – Papakura City ; 2010 – Three Kings United ; 2011 – Manurewa ; 2012 – Forrest Hill Milford ; 2013 – Greenhithe ; 2014 – Three Kings United ; 2015 – Fencibles United; 2016 – Three Kings United; 2017 – Eastern Suburbs

Girls Section

2006 – Three Kings United ; 2007 – Three Kings United ; 2008 – Three Kings United ; 2009 – Three Kings United ; 2010 – Three Kings United ; 2011 – Waitakere City ; 2012 – Three Kings United ; 2013 – Three Kings United ; 2014 – Three Kings United ; 2015 Forest Hill Milford; 2016 – Three Kings United; 2017 – Eastern Suburbs

Saturday 30th September 2017 : Timetable

8.30 am – 9.15 am – Team Registration
9.40 am – 10.00 am – Opening Ceremony
10.30 am – 3.30 pm – Group Matches
6:00 pm –   Sunday Draw Announced

Sunday 1st October 2017: Timetable

9.00 am –  3.00 pm –  Group Matches
6.00 pm –   Monday Draw Announced

Monday 2nd October 2017 : Timetable

9.00 am –  2.00 pm – Play off and Girls Group Matches
3.10 pm * –   Prize Giving

Tournament Draws

To view the BOYS (Mixed) SATURDAY draw, please click HERE

To view the BOYS (Mixed) SUNDAY draw, please click HERE

To view the BOYS (Mixed) MONDAY draw, please click HERE

To view the GIRLS draw, please click HERE

Tournament Format and Rules

To download the Tournament Format and Rules, please click HERE

Pitch Layout

To download a copy of the Pitch Layout, please click HERE

Tournament Summary Day 1

What a fantastic first day of the 2017 Ninth Grade National Tournament.
We’ve had sun, rain and wind but as always the football has prevailed.
Congratulations on an awesome opening parade; everyone looked great in their uniforms and made their clubs proud.
Thanks to our MC Steven Reid – your words inspired the players and parents alike.
The first round proved that this is going to be a tough competition. The standard of players was very good.
Thanks also to the referees for their great work today.
You will, of course, still be able to get coffee , ice creams, sausages, hot dogs etc tomorrow if you need sustenance.
Keep up the energy and enthusiasm tomorrow as you still have a chance to do well in the competition with a strong Sunday showing.

Have fun, play hard and we’ll see you tomorrow.

A special thank you to Logan a sibling from the East Coast Bays team for lending a hand on the fund-raising stall. A special thank you also to Hayley Fleming for assistance today.

Day 1 Results

Mixed (Boys) Results

To view SATURDAYS Boys (Mixed) results, please click please click HERE

Girls Results

To view SATURDAYS Girls results, please click please click HERE

Tournament Summary Day 2

Moving Day.
A wintry day with wind and rain descending on us for our soccer stage.
The players did well to withstand the elements and they paced themselves well in, at times, quite unforgiving conditions.
Well done on a second day of fierce competition and the opportunity to play some different teams.
Thanks again to the referees and positive sideline support from parents and supporters.
The Girls continue with their round-robbin and the Mixed side of the draws moves into the knock-out stages tomorrow and up to three more games to be played on the final day.
Regardless of your club, position or whether you have won or lost, you have all played your part in making this a successful tournament.
Good luck and all the best for tomorrow’s games.

Day 2 Results

Mixed (Boys) Results

To view SUNDAYS Boys (Mixed) results, please click please click HERE

Girls Results

To view SUNDAYS Girls results, please click HERE

Tournament Summary Day 3

Day 3 Results

Mixed (Boys) Results

To view MONDAYS Boys (Mixed) results, please click HERE

To view MONDAYS Girls Finals results, please click HERE


Congratulations to the 17th Annual 9th Grade National Tournament winners:

Mixed (Boys)

Championship Winner Mixed (Boys) – Eastern Suburbs
Championship Runner-Up Mixed (Boys) – Fencibles

Plate Winner Mixed (Boys) – Birkenhead United
Plate Runner-Up Mixed (Boys) – Forrest Hill United

Bowl Winner Mixed (Boys) – Papatoetoe AFC
Bowl Runner-Up Mixed (Boys) – Three Kings United


Championship Winner Girls – Eastern Suburbs
Championship Runner-Up Girls – Hibiscus Coast

To view a full list of prize-winners, please click HERE