The following programmes are for Premier players and those who aspire to play premier football.  Players of the future will be faced with limited time and space and will need to be able to consistently perceive any given situation, decide what to do and execute the necessary action quickly and successfully. It is important for players to consistently experience these problems during training and that they are related as closely as possible to real game situations.

The TKU Development Centre focuses on taking the core skills developed during the skill acquisition phase and learning how to apply them within a team environment.  This includes the specific tasks needed to play in certain positions within the team formation.

Delivered in term 3 by Director of Football and NZF Coach Educator, Paul Bateson, players will be taken through the a club curriculum covering:

1. Pressing from the front
2. Defending in the middle 1/3
3. Preventing the opponent getting into goal scoring positions
4. Transition to attack in the attacking ½
5. Building from the back
6. Progressing possession from the middle 1/3
7. Incisive possession and finishing in the final 1/3

Our ratios of children to coaches are no more than 12/14:1.

  • All sessions will be held at Keith Hay Park, and run for 1 hour.
  • Registrations are now open and places are strictly limited.
  • Fees are $105.00 and club members can book these on line through ClubHub by simply logging on to your account and selecting ‘Tasks’ and ‘Make a purchase or booking’.
  • No refunds will be given for missed sessions.
  • Please note that your booking is only secured with payment.

Medical Consent Form

The form is to be completed by parents or guardians of children that attend a TKU run NZF Skills Centre programme. It needs to be completed before the player takes part in any sessions.

To download the form, click HERE.

Please pass, or email the completed form to the Director of Football.

To contact the Director of Football, click HERE for details.

Schedule : Term 3

Boys Development Centre – Grades 13 & 14

Girls Development Centre – Grades 13 & 14